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Tetis Medical Systems JSC was founded in 2010. It specializes in design, manufacture and supply of a wide range of medical ventilation equipment and multiple hyperbaric chambers for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, oxygen equipment for hospitals and ambulance, ECG, ultrasound scanners, etc.

Combining foreign and domestic developments professionals of Tetis Group create turnkey integrated systems for ambulance and emergency aid.

Using in-house operations support facilities Tetis Medical Systems JSC produce artificial respirators, oxygen supply stations, etc. All these products meet the Russian medical requirements and are used by emergency medical service, Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation, disaster medicine.

In cooperation with international partners and using in-house developments Tetis Medical Systems JSC manufacture integrated system equipment for ambulance and emergency aid. These systems are based on high quality medical equipment.

The product line of such systems is expanding very rapidly. One of the actively developing sectors of Tetis Medical Systems JSC is design of hyperbaric medical systems for preventive measures, disease curing and emergency medical treatment in situations of anthropogenic accidents during fires.

Tetis Medical Systems JSC supply a wide range of integrated systems such as:

  • integrated systems based on hyperbaric chambers, used for treatment with the help of oxygenation. These systems can be transported by automobile vehicle;
  • Medical integrated systems for hospitals;
  • Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy systems for acute and chronic disease ttment as well as rehabilitation;
  • Systems for artificial pulmonary ventilation, which can be placed on automobile vehicle.

Such integrated system solutions are oriented on usage in ambulance and emergency rescue services, disaster medicine.